All About Off The Charts

Discover everything you want to know about Off The Charts, from who we are and how we operate, to the inner workings of our company.

Product Quality

At Off The Charts, our primary focus is providing our customers with the best quality cannabis products. Our goal is to help our customers and patients achieve optimal health and happiness as efficiently as possible.

Service Quality

Our dispensaries have expert staff ready to help you with all of your cannabis needs and questions. You can rely on their knowledge and dedication to ensure a positive and informed experience.

The Family Behind Off The Charts

As a family-owned company, Off The Charts holds itself to high standards in terms of product quality and customer service. We believe that this commitment to excellence sets us apart.

Off The Charts

What makes us different?

Off The Charts is deeply committed to the communities where we operate. For us, giving back goes beyond offering unbeatable prices.

We make it simple for customers to read labels and research products before making a purchase, ensuring that they are fully satisfied with their experience.

Family Owned
We have no interest in changing this aspect of our company. We believe that being family-owned allows us to create an unmatched shopping experience.

Vast Selection
We believe it is important to have a vast inventory in order to meet the diverse preferences of our customers.

Off The Charts is dedicated to creating and delivering an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers.

At OTC, we aim to be the best, not just competitive. Our prices reflect our commitment to excellence.

Medical & Recreational Products

Health Goals
Our dispensaries are able to offer medical guidance to help you reach your health goals. Unlike most recreational dispensaries, we're permitted to provide such assistance to our customers.

Medical Card
No medical card? No problem. Our staff members are happy to help you understand and navigate the process. Stop by or contact one of our locations for more information.

Off The Charts

We Offer Some Of The Best Brands Available

  • 200+ Brands To Shop
  • Highest Quality Around

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